Monday, March 28, 2011

Being Human gets more American in season 2

In an extensive article in the current Fangoria, the cast of Being Human (the new American version) spoke out at a recent press event, discussing character development, where the series is headed, and more. 

Even though reception has been lukewarm for the American version of the popular British BBC show, the three principle actors and Mark Stern, president of Syfy’s original content, were all universally impressed by the quality of the scripts they were given, and strive to do the BBC original justice.

“We are trying to do right by our British brethren,” said Sam Witwer (Aiden, the vampire) during the panel. “We really are trying to compliment them and bring more viewers to their show, which they deserve. It’s an incredible concept. It lived up to its potential immediately.”

Stern was skeptical at first and didn't even look at the DVD  he was given for months, thinking that a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost all sharing an apartment was a “one-joke premise.” But once he actually viewed the original show, he was impressed by, well, the humanity of the non-human characters and how the interact with each other and the world around them.

The show may have started out similar to the original, but watch for changes, especially in the upcoming season, which was recently green-lit by SyFy.

“We did do an actual chart,” said Stern. “How much is the British version and how much is ours? And you’ll definitely see the difference by the middle of the season. It’s just going to continue.”

Click here for the complete article over at Fangoria.

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